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Business and the Web

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Here are the topics to choose from. Choose one to learn about. Read to learn, not to skim the material.
When you are finished, post what you learned about to your blog.  Be sure to include a photo and link.

1) “The Future of the Web”
2) “Businesses and the Web”
3) “International Development and the Web”

I learned that the web can  help u to launch a business. By using the web to your business can sell your products, advertise, and open your business to more people around the world. The web helps businesses to grow and prosper. Types of business models are Brokerage
model, Advertising model, Infomediary model, Merchant model, Manufacturer
(Direct) model, and Community model

Business and web


What is your favorite Team?

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Canon EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens Review

1. How many lenses (approximately) does canon make for its professional level DSLR cameras?  Find the answer at this link:  The Digital Picture This website provides lens and camera reviews. The are 10 different lenses for DSLR cameras.

2. Come over to my desk and take a look at the lenses I have.  I want you to a) identify each lens and b) choose one as your favorite. Ultrasonic, Ultrasonic zoom, and fisheye. My favorite is the fisheye.

3. Then, go back to the same website as above and learn 3 things about the lens you chose and list them…for instance, what is the price of the lens…what type of photography (portraiture/weddings/sports) is the lens used for, and what makes the lens unique?  T he fisheye lens cost $634.00. Fisheye lens is used for wide landscapes, night sky shots, or interior pictures. The lenses are unique because they can create wild-looking effects.

4. Finally, which of the 3 lenses shown in the photo above is the reviewer’s favorite and why?  The 17-40 L, 24-105 L, or the 200 2.8 L ? His favorite is 24-105L

Animals Caught in Action

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You have a pretty nice camera–a digital SLR that allows you to change lenses.  And you have a collection of lenses in your kit, but you don’t want to carry tons of lenses around with you all day.  So you need to choose just one.  What one lens would you bring to capture the animals and your friends having a good time?

1. What favorite animals will you most likely take pictures of?  Monkeys, bears, lions, and panthers.

2. What kinds of photos will you take (wide photos or close-ups or both)
3. Name the lens you will bring and its brand
4. How much does this lens cost?
5. List 3 specs for the lens and briefly tell what each means
6. Why did you choose this lens instead of other ones?


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Apeture-is the diameter of the lens opening and is usually controlled by an iris

Shutter speed-Factors that affect the total exposure of a photograph

ISO-how sensitive the image sensor is to the amount of light present.


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Hello world!

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